R.A.M.B.O. - [2005] Bring It !

Género/Genre: Hardcore, Punk, Thrash
País/Country: Pennsylvania, USA

1. the war on self esteem
2. kids who mosh like assholes must make for selfish lovers
3. if our leaders are impotent only the people can rise
4. w.w.j.d.? (i doubt vote for bush)
5. pigshit
6. unhindered by hope
7. goose music
8. atkins' america
9. wage slaves mercenaries
10.rarity unto death
11.bring it!
12.godless freedom fighters
13.beatdown collective
14.the curse of philadelphia
15.that lump in your throat
16.do it yourself or do it with your friends
17.roll over and die
18.sophomore effort