Cattle Decapitation + Caninus - [2005] Split 7''

Género/Genre: Grindcore, Death
País/Country: USA (San Diego + New York)

Split enfocado al veganismo y al antiespecismo. Cattle Decapitation hacen un grindcore extremadamente potente, y Caninus por su parte es una banda igualmente potente, pero con la especial característica de tener dos perros pitbulls como vocalistas.

Cattle Decapitation:
1. Birth. Cancer. Death
2. No Future
3. Chili Dispenser
4. The Recapitation Of Cattle
5. Thrombosis All-In
6. Turn On The Masters

7. United States of Emergency
8. Concrete Sniff
9. 11:11 is a Cult
10. Give Me the Paw
11. Brindle is as Brindle Does
12. Alien Report
13. Of Epic Contortions
14. What's the Deal with that Dude Who Shot Dimebag?
15. Kill Shelters
16. Victim in Pain (Agnostic Front Cover)

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